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This 80 prongs (whisk) is hand crafted in traditional style by Kazuhisa Hirata.  Colored yarns give fresh charm to the classic tool, and make our tea time delightful and special.



In general, chasen with more prongs facilitates making fine form, but handles become thicker according to numbers of prongs. Therefore, this 80 prongs chasen has a good balance between function and sophistication. Loved by beginners to experts. 



*Please note: Chasen is made from natural material, therefore every chasen has slightly different look.



*We accept special orders with your color combinations.


Ask us about that via contact form or 


80 prongs Red & White

Excluding GST/HST
  • Kazuhisa Hirata


    He was born in an old-established artisan family of chasen(whisk) in Takayama, Nara. Takayama has been a famous region for hand crafted chasen for 550 years. He follows traditional style, and gives fresh twists to his creations.

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