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ISSA GREEN is Calgary based Japanese organic tea brand

ISSA GREEN was started by Kazuki Nomura, Japanese fabric designer who moved to Canada and started this business to promote sustainability, organic based products and connecting independent farmers with consumers willing to try healthy and tasty Japanese tea.   

Kazuki was a huge tea fan ever since her days of drinking green tea for her health and beauty in busy Japan.
However, when she started meeting with young farmers (back in 2016), she was shocked about the situation of Japanese agriculture. 


Surprisingly, Japan is the 3rd highest user of agricultural chemicals in the world. Tea farming especially uses a lot of pesticides herbicides and chemical fertilizers, and Japan's allowance of residual chemicals is relatively higher than in other countries.


Also, many farmers have been facing financial difficulties from conventional business models. Therefore, young generation hesitate to take over their family business.  During her research, Kazuki met many organic farmers who are independent and willing to change this condition.  

She decided to support Japanese organic tea farmers with sustainability directly by developing the ISSA GREEN brand.   


ISSA GREEN deals only with these selected producers, creating a superior product that consumers can both trust and enjoy.




"Organic" has became big business, and many have grown suspicious of what the term really means these days. Therefore,we carefully select our partners.

They are not only following strict rules of organic farming, but also sincerely caring about environment 

and consumer's health.

Additionally, our products are 100% traceable. So, you can be sure that your tea came one of our trusted producers.


Each of our farmers have their unique philosophy of organic farming, developed through their daily connection to nature. We love finding the interesting stories behind their tea flavors.

We bring Japanese tea culture from their farms to you, in a modern and unique way!


We have created a tea business model that is designed to be sustainable for both farmers and the environment.

Traditionally, farmers have not been able to freely set their own prices when dealing with the tea business. However, ISSA GREEN buys directly from producers, allowing them the independence to sustainably continue their business into the future at a fair price for their product.

We pride ourselves on connecting the younger generation of Japanese tea farmers with foreign customers, helping to create a brighter future for tea.

and Fun!!

We are planning events and collaborations. Stay tuned and follow our social media presence.


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