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 We work with Japanese artisans and local creators making original tea wares for inspiring your tea time. They are made in the classic styles with fresh twists, could be unique gifts and precious items in your collection.


Please let us know, if you need an advise for your shopping!

Chasen Kazuho
Matcha whisk

Kazuho chasen is common for daily use and tea ceremony practice. 

Chasen 80 prongs
Matcha whisk

80 prongs chasen has good balance between function and sophistication. Loved by beginners to experts.

Chasen 100 prongs
Matcha whisk

100 prongs chasen facilitate making fine foam quickly. However, handle is bigger than other models, and requires a bit of experience. Good for enthusiastic matcha fans to experts.

Chasen Shin Black Bamboo
Matcha whisk

This shin chasen is made from iconic black bamboo, and modest straight shape gives us minimalistic impression. Good for enthusiastic matcha fans to experts.

Is chashaku just for making an atmosphere?  Yes, but it is an important piece for making your tea time authentic. 

Matcha scoop
Chasen stand
Whisk holder
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