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This soot colored bamboo chashaku(matcha scoop) is hand crafted by Kazuhisa Hirata in traditional style.



Soot colored bamboo is rare matelial which is taken from traditional Japanese house. Bamboo had been naturally colored by soot from fire place for 50 to 150 years.   

This delicate layered brown color is not easy to get from other method.



*Please note: Chashaku is made from natural material, therefore every chasen has slightly different look.

Chashaku (Matcha scoop) Soot colored bamboo

Excluding GST/HST
  • Kazuhisa Hirata


    He was born in an old-established artisan family of chasen(whisk) in Takayama, Nara. Takayama has been a famous region for hand crafted chasen for 550 years. He follows traditional style, and gives fresh twists to his creations.

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