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We believe that culinary matcha does not need to be low grade.

This matcha is used in top Japanese cafes and patisseries for lattes, matcha drinks,

and pastries.

It contains only quality spring first harvest leaves, used in authentic matcha.


This premium culinary variety is milled slightly bigger than ceremonial matcha to

give a strong impression and the rich after taste of real matcha flavour.

Because it is difficult to obtain genuine matcha outside of Japan, we are especially proud to offer this genuine matcha grown in authentic organic methods.


Matcha is known as Japanese super food containing rich green tea catechin, β-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitaminC, folic acid, niacin, and a lot of minerals. Therefore, it has been popular drink for immune enhancer and anti-aging not only in Japan but all over the world. 

Matcha is called as Japanese espresso, having more caffeine compared to regular sencha. It's good for starting your day or as an energy booster in a dull afternoon.

Premium Culinary Matcha 100g

Excluding GST/HST
  • Maruishi farm

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